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Priceless Overwatch play shows Wrecking Ball is dangerous near the edge

Published: 15/Feb/2020 22:39

by Scott Robertson


An Overwatch player’s Hammond highlight is all the proof that is needed for why teams shouldn’t group up near the edge of the map if they can help it.

As if leaving the control point when you’ve got it locked in wasn’t dangerous enough already, one team grouped up right near the edge of the map, and immediately proved why they shouldn’t have.

Little did they know that a Wrecking Ball was waiting in hiding, biding their time until the prime moment to bowl over their opponents bowling ball-style.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hammond’s Wrecking Ball leaves a trail of destruction.

After the enemy team claimed the point on Lijiang Tower, they ventured out as a group to try can catch the other team off guard, but made a crucial mistake in grouping up near the map’s edge.

The Hammond player, played by Reddit user ikevinlopez, hid behind a wall in Wrecking Ball form, and perfectly timed his strike, rolling through the control point and smashing four players off the side. The feat earned him Play of the Game honors.

Alongside heroes like Pharah and Lucio, Hammond is an elite environmental kill-acquiring character, but the speed and suddenness in which he can do so really sets him apart.

Rookie mistake standing so close to a ledge when there is a wreckingball in game from Overwatch

Hammond’s size prevents him from typically being this sneaky, but when he goes go unnoticed like that, the ramifications for the team that missed him can be disastrous. He doesn’t even have to attack at all to be a stealth weapon in Wrecking Ball mode.

While the ball slam was impressive, the glaring issue is the enemy team that’s clumped up. Grouping up is important in teamfight situations, but in a precarious spot like near the edge of the map, the momentum of a map can be turned just like that.

Blizzard - Overwatch
Both versions of the Lijiang map feature areas where environmental kills are easy to acquire.

Most maps in the game have danger spots where players are susceptible to falling off or getting knocked off, but Lijiang Tower is one of the most dangerous.

In his post, ikevinlopez called it a ‘rookie mistake’ that on behalf of the enemy team, but we warned, getting booped or blasted off can happen to any player, at any level.


New Overwatch Shield Bash tech makes Brigitte even more powerful

Published: 22/Jan/2021 21:58

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch trick has just been discovered that could make Brigitte an even bigger threat on the battlefield than she already is.

Brigitte has been one of the game’s most controversial heroes since release thanks to her high levels of sustain, crowd control, armor, and healing. Despite multiple nerfs and reworks, she remains one of the best heroes in the right hands.

Now, players have found a completely new trick with her that is sure to make many players rage and call for nerfs to the Swedish shield maiden.

The trick, which was posted to a Korean YouTube account, shows that if Brigitte Shield Bashes at the exact same time she’s hit with an enemy’s attack that does knockback, she can travel far distances.

Shield Bash already has some slight movement advantages, but when combined with an enemy’s attack, she can torpedo across the map and even clear gaps that other heroes are unable to.

As you can see, when Brigitte gets hit in the back by Sigma’s Hyper Spheres, they do just enough knockback to allow the hero to use them to her advantage.

With this trick, Brigitte can even go from one side of Rialto’s bridge to the other in one swift movement, although it will take some getting used to if players want to pull it off in an actual game.

That said, enemy players could potentially use this to their own advantage, such as by hitting Brigitte with a melee attack right as she Shield Bashes.

In this clip by Overwatch streamer Aspen, she goes flying all over the map on Hollywood and had no idea why. As it turns out, it was because she was hit by a melee from a Tracer player just before bashing.

If timed right, this could cause Brigitte players to go flying off of maps with environmental hazards such as Nepal Sanctum.

Of course, with this new discovery, there also comes the possibility that Blizzard decides to patch it out. Only time will tell how the developers decide to handle it.