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Powerful Overwatch exploit lets Mei see through her own Ice Wall

Published: 25/Mar/2020 6:52

by Brad Norton


A newly discovered Mei exploit in Overwatch is giving players an extreme advantage as teams are temporarily able to see through her Ice Wall.

While the Overwatch community has grown more and more tired of Mei’s kit over the years, the controversial hero has a devastating new trick up her sleeve that could easily swing a team fight in her favor.

From odd LEGO-themed glitches to camera-tilting effects, Mei’s Ice Wall has long been a glitchy mechanic in Overwatch and this new exploit might just be the most absurd discovery to date.

Mei’s Ice Wall has led to a number of unintended interactions lately.

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While Ice Wall can be a crucial ability in the midst of a heated team-fight in order to block off certain lines of sight or even stop an enemy flank in its tracks, a new unintended function lets players see straight through to the other side.


Experimenting with the hero on the Practice Range on March 24, Reddit user ‘Jumpy652’ uncovered an awkward interaction when standing close to the wall on a slanted surface.

When coming into direct contact with the wall on a set of stairs for instance, certain sections of the wall turn invisible, allowing players to see right through to the enemy team waiting on the other side.

Mei bug allows her to see through her wall on slopes? (Havent done much testing) from Overwatch

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With a five-second duration and 400HP per section of the wall, this may not sound like the most ridiculous exploit on paper. However, in practice, this subtle discovery could have major ramifications moving forward.


As Mei remains one of the most powerful heroes in the game, the Damage-based hero ends up in a wide array of compositions at all levels of play from bronze-ranked competitive games to the Overwatch League.

Peering through to the other side sets out an imbalanced state of affairs as one team is able to gain the upper hand by keeping track of opposing players at all times. Even with a wall standing between them.

Potentially putting an end to fight-winning flanks, or clutch individual plays, being able to see enemies that think they’re hidden, provides an undeniable advantage.

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Mei’s Ice Wall could be the reason why you lose your next team fight.

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While developers at Blizzard are yet to comment on the matter, an issue this severe is likely to be patched out in the very near future.

Until then, watch out for cheeky teams trying to exploit the bug by sticking close to their Ice Walls — you’ll never know if they’re using this glitchy x-ray feature or not.