Possible new Overwatch hero revealed during McCree animated short

Bill Cooney

There were a ton of new characters in the new McCree animated short ‘Reunion’, including one who reveals what the deal was with the Route 66 payload.

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Ashe, the new hero, was the big news out of the McCree animated short, but another character, Echo, who was housed inside the Route 66 payload, was also introduced.

Her introduction answers the questions players had after discovering changes to the Route 66 payload on the PTR.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Could Echo be Overwatch’s 30th hero?

Not much information is given about Echo, but it appears she was a member of Overwatch before the team was disbanded.

Nothing has been revealed about Echo’s kit or ability, and technically she hasn’t been confirmed as a hero, but all signs point to that being the case.

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The McCree cinematic was the first from Blizzard since the “Shooting Star” cinematic was released earlier in the year.

No matter when Echo is announced or comes to PTR, BlizzCon has already given fans a ton of new content to go through. 

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