Players blown away by “Overwatch clone” Gundam Evolution ahead of OW2 beta release

Gundam Evolution vs Overwatch 2Bandai/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players looking forward to the long-awaited Overwatch 2 beta in just two weeks have been blown away by Gundam Evolution – Bandai Namco’s very own hero shooter.

As the Overwatch 2 beta draws near on April 26, fans have found something new to enjoy in the meantime and it could be a major threat to Blizzard’s upcoming title.

Gundam Evolution, a hero-based shooter with a very similar UI to Overwatch had its first network test on April 7 and players were pleasantly surprised.

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With a robust number of Mobile Suits available, slick gameplay and esports potential, fans were amazed at how good the game ended up being and voiced their pleasantries on social media.

Overwatch players say Gundam Evolution is better than OW

One of Overwatch’s key components, hero switching, has been a staple of the game since release, with players encouraged to swap characters to better deal with a particular matchup.

For some, this is a drawback and something Gundam Evolution has done away with for the better.

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“It’s more nuanced, and imo, better, Overwatch. The game is faster and more dynamic, and you have more options to outplay specific opponents rather than relying on counter-picking,” Twitter user OreoTheWolf explained.

Others echoed the point about gameplay, saying it was faster paced than Overwatch.

“Solid Overwatch clone, faster-paced. Hard to tell how an MS is supposed to play on looks, but that might be a good thing: less locked into typical stereotypes and more flexible,” another said.

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“Gundam Evolution is the Overwatch clone I never knew I wanted,” yet another player beamed.

Former Overwatch League pro Dustinn ‘Dogman’ Bowerman also seemed to enjoy himself, posting a clip of a hype 360 quick scope snipe for the world to see.

It will be interesting to see how Overwatch 2 and Gundam Evolution perform when matched up against each other, but with Blizzard’s sequel only a fortnight away, we won’t have long to wait to find out which game reigns supreme.

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