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Pictures of all New Overwatch Summer Games Epic and Legendary Skins

Published: 13/Aug/2018 18:47 Updated: 13/Aug/2018 19:00

by Vincent Genova


Overwatch’s Summer Games event has arrived and it brought along a new game mode, loot and all of last events Summer skins.

Most exciting of all was the addition of nine, brand new Summer Skins.

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The skins range from Epic to Legendary and are Summer or sports themed.

Read on to see all nine new Overwatch Summer Games Skins.

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Overwatch Summer Games Epic Skins

Epic skins tend to not change the character model and only add new colors. For the Olympic inspired Summer Games however, characters usually get skins based on country flags.

That is the case with these awesome skins for Brigette, Sombra and Moira


Tre Kronor Brigitte

Mexicana Sombra

Éireannach Moira

All three of these skins can be earned in the Summer Games loot boxes, or bought with in-game credits. These Epic skins cost 750 credits.

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Overwatch Summer Games Legendary Skins

Legendary skins are the rarest in the game and bring on all new character models and wild designs.

These Legendary skins showcase Summer activities, or even sports. Six characters got the Legendary treatment, you can see all the skins below.

Fastball Zenyatta

Cabana Ana

Gridironhardt Reinhardt

Lacrosse Roadhog

Catcher Winston

Waveracer D.Va

These Legendary skins can be earned in Summer Games loot boxes, or purchased with in-game credits. All Legendary skins cost 3,000 credits.

The Overwatch Summer Games run from August 9 – 30. You will not be able to unlock the skins once the event is over.