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Overwatch • Oct 23, 2018

Paris Overwatch League franchise announces full roster for Season Two

Paris Overwatch League franchise announces full roster for Season Two
R: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Paris Overwatch League franchise has announced its full roster for Season Two.


Paris is the first of the eight expansion teams to reveal the full line-up that will make the team’s debut in Overwatch League’s second season.

The team has opted for an all-European line-up, becoming the only such team as of right now. The Paris franchise is the second based in Europe, but London Spitfire won Season One of the league with an all-Korean line-up.

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Most notable are DPS stars Terrence ‘SoOn’ Tarlier and George ‘ShaDowBurn’ Gushcha, who spent Season One with Los Angeles Valiant and Philadelphia Fusion respectively. With SoOn known for his Tracer and ShaDowBurn for his Genji, the pair are among the more iconic Western DPS players.


Other than SoOn and ShaDowBurn, the rest of the Paris line-up mostly introduces some new names to the Overwatch League. Only flex tank Finnbjörn ‘Finnsi’ Jónasson also has experience on an Overwatch League team, but he spent almost all of his time on the bench for Los Angeles Valiant.

Paris looked to Contenders for the rest of their squad. While most join from Contenders EU teams, a couple of European players competing in the North American Division of Contenders also made the cut.

The Paris franchise has yet to announce their team name and branding for the Overwatch League. Season Two is set to kick off on February 14.


The full Paris roster:

PlayerRolePrevious Team
Terrence 'SoOn' TarlierDPSLos Angeles Valiant
George 'ShaDowBurn' GushchaDPSPhiladelphia Fusion
Nicolas 'NiCO' MoretDPSEagle Gaming
Karol 'Danye' Szcześniak
DPSCopenhagen Flames
Damien 'HyP' SouvilleSupportEagle Gaming
Harrison 'Kruise' PondSupportToronto Esports
Benjamin 'BenBest' DieulafaitMain TankYoung and Beautiful
Finnbjörn ‘Finnsi’ Jónasson
Flex TankLos Angeles Valiant
Roni 'LhCloudy' TiihonenMain TankMayhem Academy

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