OWL star calls for Overwatch 2 to have “hitscan carry” meta

. 4 months ago
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Dallas Fuel / Blizzard Entertainment

While professional players and fans alike await Overwatch 2 news, former Overwatch League star Xzi is busy thinking about the meta. In a tweet discussing the sequel, he explained that he’s hoping that “hitscan can carry.”

The Overwatch community is still waiting, with bated breath, for information about Overwatch 2. What we do already know includes a shift to 5v5, with the game moving to solo tanking, and some details about heroes, modes, and maps.

Now, people are mostly focused on the beta. Sources suggested that Overwatch 2 beta access would be granted to OWL teams by mid-March, but pros like Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi have complained about vague timelines.

Former Dallas Fuel and Paris Eternal star DPS Ki-hyo ‘Xzi’ Jung isn’t too focused on the beta, though. The hitscan specialist, whose contract status for 2022 remains in doubt, has instead called for the sequel’s meta to shift in favor of carry potential.

Former OWL star wants “hitscan carry” meta in Overwatch 2

In a spontaneous tweet, the iconic McCree (who has since been renamed to “Cassidy”) player laid out his ideal DPS state of affairs: “I hope Overwatch 2 will be a meta that hitscan can carry.”

Further, he explained some selfish reasons for that hope – mentioning that a hitscan-centric game will help him “get a chance to take a test.” The former pro retired due to health issues after reaching league stardom and his return to the league for 2022 was jeopardized when negotiations with the Los Angeles Valiant fell through.

In the replies, though, people have debated the point Xzi brings up. While he obviously would prefer a meta that suits his strengths, others are agreeing that the game could use a shift in favor of hitscan players.

From GOATS to to dive and double-shield to brawl compositions, Overwatch has always had a number of ways to counter hitscan DPS. While the game has always tried to balance carry potential, the lack of a second tank just might grant Xzi his hitscan-centric wish.

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