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Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland map makeover creates secret spots to abuse

Published: 20/Dec/2020 1:19

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have been discovering all kinds of new spots and perches on King’s Row since the Winter Wonderland update dropped, and, lucky for you, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ones so you can try them yourself.

One of the best parts of the Winter Wonderland event, apart from all of the new skins, are all of the makeovers that a few, select maps receive. The first-ever map to get this treatment was King’s Row all the way back in 2016, and it seems there are still a few tricks and secrets to be uncovered.


Reddit user ‘Vexor474’ is the one we have to thank for putting together the following short video showing the various spots that aren’t normally available in the normal map.

A few special spots you can stand on King’s Row Winter version only from Overwatch

Starting off on Point A, both the tree in front of, and behind, the point are now able to support the weight of a Bastion in Turret form, a crouching Widow, or any hero really, as long as they’re capable of getting up there in the first place.

A useful spot for attackers is the tree just outside of the entrance to the theatre, which can, again, be stood on, but is easier to reach than either of the spots closer to Point A.


Several trees close to the first attacking spawn are now “climbable” as well if you want to try and hold up close, and there’s even one facing the route the payload takes once Point A has been secured.

If that weren’t enough, Baptiste can also perch himself on the high ground further down in the second stage, in the area leading from the high ground around Point A basically to the start of the third leg of the map.

Blizzard Entertainment
Watch out for Bastion and Widow cosplaying as Christmas ornaments on King’s Row this year.

It’s currently unknown whether or not other winter maps like Hanamura have secret spots like this that have yet to be discovered, so if you know of one or even have a clip, hit us up on Twitter @Dexerto.


Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event runs until January 5, so there’s still plenty of time to collect all of the skins you want, play on the winter maps, and maybe even discover a new secret or two while you’re at it.