Overwatch’s Widowmaker gets Rainbow 6 Siege tech in the Workshop

Bill Cooney

Twitch streamer DarwinStreams has brought Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege together by giving Widowmaker her own controllable drone camera in the Workshop.

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One of the gadgets available to Rainbow Six Siege operators is called the drone, and it’s a small controllable camera that allows players to scout out their enemies.

DarwinStreams, who has been making stuff on stream in the Workshop since it was released, decided to see how the concept would work for Widowmaker.

A drone camera is one of the tools available to operators in Rainbow Six Siege.
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Widowmaker’s new E ability

To demonstrate the new tech, DarwinStreams set up the ‘camera’, which uses the same skin as Widowmaker’s Venom Mine, on the right flank of the second point.

After the drone is put down Darwin goes back to the point to test it out and is able to see what the ‘camera’ sees and even move it around.

“I can see if there are people pushing in,” Darwin explained while demonstrating the camera against a flanking Genji and McCree.

Darwin said it was a user in his Twitch chat who originally suggested trying out a remote camera in the Workshop.

The creator code for Widowmaker’s Scout Camera is: KCAKS for players who want to mess around with the concept.

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Would it work in-game?

The drone camera would certainly add another dimension to Widowmaker’s kit, but the Venom Mine is already capable of revealing if an enemy is flanking when it goes off, although without as much information as a camera would provide.

Some users said that in such a fast-paced game like Overwatch, switching between a camera constantly as Widowmaker might not be feasible, but it’s still a cool concept.

Overwatch’s new Workshop mode was only released on April 24 and players are already creating all kinds of new game modes and even custom heroes.

There are a lot of people who say the Workshop is the best thing to happen to Overwatch in awhile and based on the popularity of it so far, they might have been right.