Overwatch’s new Workshop is already being used to do crazy things

Blizzard Entertainment

The huge new new Workshop mode allows players to change almost every aspect of Overwatch and make everything from custom game modes to custom heroes.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan introduced players to the Worksop in a surprise Developers Update and it didn’t take long at all for players to start making some crazy stuff in it.

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Hammond is off to the races

Overwatch Twitch streamer Daniel Fenner shared a clip of a custom Wrecking Ball racing mode he made with a little help from chat.

The mode looks like a lot of fun and has a mob of Hammonds racing from the Third point of Numbani to just outside the starting attacking spawn.

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Using the Workshop, Fenner was able to make a finishing area, and have each player’s position in the race pop up as they finish.

On the custom hero side, a Redditor named ChemicalWeather actually gave Mei the ability to slide quickly along her ice trail, just like Frozone.

via Gfycat

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Brigitte, finally playable

Overwatch YouTuber Stylosa also took the liberty of fixing Brigitte, since we all agree that she was way underpowered, right?

To “fix” Brig, Stylosa gave her a 2500 health round shield around her, on top of her normal shield, which also has 2500 health as well, the best part though is all she has to do is Whip Shot to win the game.

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That should fix things right up.

There are already so many things coming out of the Workshop that it would be almost impossible to gather them all into one place, and a lot of people are saying the new feature has renewed their interest in the game.

The vast amount of different game modes and things that could be done in the Workshop will keep players busy for quite awhile and it will be awesome to follow along and see what kind of things come out.