Overwatch's new killfeed shows D.Va's Defense Matrix eating some strange things

by Bill Cooney



Overwatch recently made changes to the game’s killfeed live and some players are noticing some weird stuff happening with D.Va’s Defense Matrix that shows it eating ultimates, which now shows up on the feed.


D.Va’s Defense Matrix got a nerf recently on the PTR that increases the cooldown on the ability from one to two seconds, which really only makes it a little more difficult to eat enemy abilities.

The killfeed was also changed to show which enemy ultimates D.Va has eaten with her Defense Matrix. Which means if an unfortunate Hanzo Dragonstrikes into D.Va's defences, it will now show up.


Apparently, as Overwatch streamer Daniel ‘FunnyAstro’ Hathaway found out, the killfeed display seems to get a little eager when D.Va pulls out the Matrix.

As Funnyastro’s team is defending Point B of Volskaya, his allied Zenyatta throws out Transcendence next to a D.Va with her Matrix up, and it shows up on the killfeed that the D.Va somehow ate Zenyatta’s ultimate.

Except she didn’t, it’s literally impossible for a D.Va to eat a Zenyatta ultimate, because it gives him a healing aura and has nothing to do with projectiles.

D.Va can knock Zenyatta around and potentially off of the map with her boosters when he's using ult, but there’s no other way she can cancel out Transcendence.


The nerf to D.Va's Defense Matrix hasn't gone live yet, but it should be in the main game soon, at least by the beginning of Overwatch League on February 14.

Whether or not this killfeed bug will be fixed by then remains to be seen, it's certainly not a game-changer, but it could be pretty confusing if players aren't used to it or Zenyatta isn't in voice chat to let their team know everything is ok.

Still it is pretty funny to image how chaotic Overwatch would be if D.Va could just eat anything and everything thrown her way. D.Va mains probably wouldn't mind, though.