Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan releases first teaser for Hero 31

Emoji / Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment’s Jeff Kaplan introduced the first teaser for Overwatch Hero 31 on Twitter today, possibly confirming previous leaks about the latest character to join the fight.

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It’s been a busy time for Blizzard, as a flood of new information has been coming out about future updates. From role lock queues, to SR decay being removed, it’s clear the game is headed for big changes.

While not everyone in the community is happy about the Summer Games event this year, fans are on edge for any trickle of news on the drop of Hero 31 – and it looks like it could arrive soon.

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The first teaser for Hero 31 is here

During a ‘quick developer update’ video on the official Overwatch Twitter account, Jeff Kaplan began to talk when his video feed suddenly got sucked into a black hole.

A piano starts to play, and many equations fill the screen before everything begins to shake violently with intense force.

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Is it Sigma?

Rumors started swirling when Mexico’s Overwatch World Cup team accidentally tweeted out an image of a player’s career profile, which showed the player had been practicing briefly with a new character called Sigma. 

OWWC Team Mexico TwitterA leaked image shows a teaser for a character called Sigma.
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Fans over at Reddit are busy speculating over the new teaser, and some of them have even figured out what the equations mean – which further leads us to Hero 31 being none other than Sigma.

“v2 = GM/r is an expression of Kepler’s Third Law, which aligns the velocity of an object’s orbit (the time it takes to complete an orbit around the star, or period) with the distance of that object from the star (the radius of the orbit). M = v2r/g is the same expression, solving for the object’s mass rather than its velocity.” user ‘unlimitedblack’ detailed.

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“Assuming that this is related to Sigma, it implies a connection to astrophysics. This is further supported by the actual imagery we see in the update, where Kaplan is drawn into what looks like a singularity or black hole that absorbs everything around it, including light.”

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Whoever the next hero is, it will be interesting to see how much they change the meta of the game. We will keep you updated as more information comes out.