Overwatch’s Bastion could use a rework and here’s how it might happen

Bill Cooney

Bastion is a fan-favorite Overwatch hero, but he’s one of the least-picked heroes on any platform and some players think he’s due for a rework.

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Overwatch’s favorite Omnic has been sitting at less than a 1 percent pick rate on console and PC for a long time, according to YouTuber Blame The Controller.

In a new video, BTC goes over the problems Bastion has in his current state and makes some suggestions for changes that could make him a more viable pick in games.

Blame the Controller
Blame The Controller highlighted some of the main issues players currently face with Bastion.
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Building a better Bastion 

One of the big problems with Bastion is that he only really works well in certain situations, like on defense. An attacking Bastion might work in certain situations, like with a Pirate Ship comp on payload maps, but again, that’s very situational.

Blame The Controller suggests keeping Bastion intact by letting him still use Recon, Sentry and Tank mode but also changing how the abilities operate and allowing him to rely less on other heroes.

Blame The Controller
Blame The Controller’s goals for a potential Bastion rework.

The YouTuber goes over two different potential options for changing Bastion in detail in the video, but the most interesting suggestion is switching Bastion’s Sentry Mode to his Ultimate and making Tank Configuration a cooldown ability, similar to Torbjorn’s Overload.

“The only time characters are truly locked into one place is when they’re using their ultimate, like Pharah, Junkrat and Hanzo,” BTC said. “It should also be noted that ultimates like those tend to be some of the most powerful in the game and would fit quite well with Bastion in Sentry mode.”

Obviously, Tank Mode would need to be rebalanced to avoid making Bastion OP, possibly like Hanzo’s Storm Arrow ability, which gives players a set number of shots before going back to normal.

Blame The Controller goes into much more depth about ideas for a Bastion rework in the full, 8-minute video below.

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Big changes coming to Overwatch?

Whether or not a Bastion rework will happen is entirely up to Blizzard, but there do seem to be big changes on the way for Overwatch this summer.

A massive June 18 patch contained updates for a number of heroes and according to a recent report, role lock could be coming to the Overwatch League and eventually to the main game as well.

Overwatch’s Hero 31 will also arrive sometime this summer, according to Jeff Kaplan, so it seems like players have plenty to look forward to.