Overwatch’s 5 man Mercy rez is back & players are divided

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s creators are back with a new Experimental patch that revives Mercy’s infamous five man Resurrect, leaving players dumbfounded and divided.

In an attempt to shake up Overwatch like never before, Blizzard have asked some of the game’s most famous faces to design fun-filled Experimental patches to transform the game into a cornucopia of chaos.

The previous Experimental patch proved relatively popular, with some fun changes to Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord prompting a chuckle, and a buff to Nigerian DPS Doomfist’s ultimate becoming something players actually wanted to be added in-game.

This time around, all eyes are on Swiss healer and angelic support, Mercy, whose once infamous five-man Resurrect ability has returned to the game, dividing players in its wake.

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overwatch mercy holds hand out to the screen during resurrectBlizzard Entertainment
The five man rez is back, boys.

Overwatch creator patch adds five-man Mercy Resurrect

Back in the good old days of Overwatch, Mercy’s Ultimate used to be a five-man Resurrect that brought all of her teammates back from beyond the grave. This was subsequently replaced by her Valkyrie, and Resurrect became a single target ability.

Overwatch’s content creators are having none of it, though, using their powers to revive (get it?) this fan-favorite ability. The adjustments to her abilities are as follows:

  • Is no longer an Ultimate ability
  • Is now Ability 2
  • Healing increased from 55 to 70 health per second
  • Caduceus Staff beams no longer attach to additional allies
  • Duration reduced from 15 to 3 seconds
  • Cooldown is now 20 seconds
  • Flying movement speed decreased from 7 to 6
  • Guardian Angel movement speed reduced from 25 to 20
  • Is now an Ultimate ability
  • Can resurrect up to 5 people at once
  • Maximum range increased from 5 to 8 meters

As you can imagine, this has caused absolute chaos within the game’s community, some of whom are excited to see the return of a classic, while others are shaking their heads.

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“Ah, here we go again,” reads the top comment, clearly exasperated at the return of the five man rez.

Another notes “old Mercy [with the 5 man Resurrect] was hell. You could do really well and combo three ults to kill the other team, then Mercy revives everyone with one ult,” concluding that “it was removed for a reason.”

“I never got to experience the five-man rez so I’m excited,” replies another, with a final comment reading “Mercy hide-and-seek is back on the menu bois!”

Of course, this is just an Experimental patch, with the likelihood of these changes actually ending up in the core game being slim. However, as Overwatch continues to struggle, maybe it’s a good idea to look back at what worked in the past and implement it all over again.

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