Overwatch’s 31st hero Sigma officially revealed

Michael Gwilliam

Overwatch has officially announced Sigma as the game’s 31st hero and his kit looks like it’s going to completely change the game.

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Sigma is hero who “who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware that he is being used as a living weapon.”

The hero’s origin story reveals that Sigma was a astrophysicist who tried to harness the power of a blackhole and went mad.

You can watch the origin video below.

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Sigma’s in-game model is revealed at the end of the trailer.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal what kind of role Sigma will have, Jeff Kaplan confirmed last year that multiple tanks and supports were in development for the game, so it’s unlikely he will be in the damage role. 

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While Sigma’s abilities have not yet been revealed, what we can gather from his backstory is that he went mad, was imprisoned and eventually was broken out.

One sharp-eared YouTube user noticed that at 1:08 you “can actually hear Reaper’s shotguns and Widow’s gun shooting.” It’s possible that he was broken out of wherever he was by Talon.

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Talon’s Moira, Sombra and Widowmaker are all included at the end of the trailer at the 1:47 mark. 

Sigma is expected to be hitting the PTR very soon.