Overwatch: Zenyatta becomes one with Ana in ridiculous skin crossover

Brent Koepp
Blizzard Entertainment

One talented Overwatch fan took their character crossover to the next level when they combined Ana’s Cabana skin with orb-throwing hero Zenyatta.

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The Overwatch fan base has proven time and time again that it is one of the most talented video game communities out there. From crazy Workshop mode creations, to incredible character designs, the player base has seen it all.

DeviantArt user ‘lionelthelion’ took their love of the first-person shooter to the next level and mashed together two much-loved characters: Ana and Zenyatta. The results are scarily cute.

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Cabana Zenyatta

Ana’s Cabana skin first dropped in the game back in the Summer Games 2018 event, and quickly became a fan-favourite in the community due to its comical nature. 

The idea of Ana relaxing by the poolside in a sunhat, sunglasses, and a shawl while taking a break from combating evil is a hilarious one.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ana’s Cabana skin was first introduced in the Summer Games 2018 event.
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Lionelthelion thought that having one character in the skin wasn’t enough though, and decided to throw it on Zenyatta, and he actually kind of suits it. 

The talented fan also used his classic ‘Peace’ victory pose, which brings out the whimsical nature of the costume even more.

DeviantArt: lionelthelion
Cabana Zenyatta.
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Not the first Overwatch character mashup

This isn’t the user’s first character mashup though – they’ve actually done it a few times before and the results are just as funny.

Back in the Summer Games 2019 event, Torbjorn received a skin that left some in horror. Aptly named ‘Surf ‘n’ Splash’, the outfit features the hero in nothing but swim trunks and sandals, showing off his legs in a disturbing fashion.

Lionelthelion thought they’d take the terror to the next step though, and find out what Reinhardt would look like with the costume on, and it’s nightmare fuel at its finest.

DeviantArt: Lionelthelion
As if Torbjorn’s Summer Games 2019 skin couldn’t get any freakier…
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This latest character mashup proves yet again that the Overwatch community will stop at nothing to show how creative they can be – even if the results are a little scary.