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Overwatch Youtuber reveals simple Winston tips to up your game

Published: 24/Feb/2020 2:30

by Brad Norton


Popular Overwatch content creator and Toronto Defiant streamer Nathan ‘KarQ‘ Chan broke down a number of surprising tips to help you master Winston while climbing the competitive ladder.

From breaking down common mistakes to highlighting some of the most powerful combinations in the game today, KarQ’s educational Overwatch content is often a great resource for those looking to level up their skills.

Joined by former Contenders professional Siarhai ‘Bogur’ Alekau throughout his latest video, KarQ and the Bulgarian Main Tank player exposed a wide array of useful Winston tactics that could give you the edge over your opponents.

While Winston is only just coming back into the fray, these tricks could give you the early edge in competition.

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Offering a unique strategy when facing each and every hero in the game today, Bogur showcased how to best tackle a plethora of 1v1 scenarios.

Against Reinhardt in particular, he explains how the latest set of buffs drastically alter how you should approach the matchup.

Due to a November 2019 update, Rein has become much more grounded and difficult to knock around the map. As a result, it is heavily encouraged to never utilize Winston’s Primal Rage in an effort to displace the shield-bearing Tank.

Rather, players should look to drop Winston’s bubble when battling enemy Rein’s. While it won’t block incoming damage, it will negate any long-range heals onto the Tank, leading to a much easier elimination if your teammates are closeby. 


Winston’s Barrier Projector can block up to 700 damage.

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“[Doomfist] is a very hard hero to kill as Winston,” Bogur explained. However, the former pro alluded to a few crafty tactics that can help alleviate his pressure.

It turns out that Winston’s bubble can actually negate a number of Doom’s damage-dealing abilities. 

Both Seismic Slam and his Ultimate, Meteor Strike, can be nullified with a perfectly placed shield. While it might be tough to line up in the moment, practicing this strategy could be a powerful way to counter the hero without swapping off of a Dive-based composition.

While Doomfist is a nuisance for any Main Tank hero, Winston is able to nullify a heap of incoming damage.

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Offering a more general piece of advice that Winston mains can utilize in moment to moment gameplay, Bogur showcased how the leaping Main Tank can actually deal slightly more damage with his Jump Pack.


It turns out that using his melee mere moments before crashing back down to the ground, cancels out the brief punching animation. This allows you to land additional damage without taking any longer than the standard dive.

Perhaps that slight amount of damage would even be enough to take down a squishy target and swing a closely contested team fight in your favor.

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From fending off fellow Main Tanks to diving pesky snipers, the latest breakdown features plenty of handy tips that are sure to switch up your playstyle on the hero.

With Hero Pools right around the corner, there’s a good chance Winston is seen more and more at the higher ranks so there’s no better time to start practicing.