Overwatch Wrecking Ball skin idea is the perfect Pokemon fusion

Connor Knudsen
hammond and pokemon
The Pokemon Company and Activision Blizzard

Overwatch fans continue to show just how creative they can be when it comes to hero skin concepts, and this Wrecking Ball x Pokemon crossover is no exception. 

Wrecking Ball is one of the most beloved characters in its 32-hero roster. The hamster, turned literal wrecking ball, has the mobility to make it a constant threat in any dive meta and has more potential for chaos than maybe any other hero in Overwatch.

While Wrecking Ball has certainly received some noteworthy and hilarious skins over the years, there hasn’t yet been anything quite like this fan-design.

wrecking ball skin
Activision Blizzard
One of the many amazing Wrecking Ball skins in Overwatch

Poke-ball and Dedenne Themed Hammond Skin

Reddit user amandazerepp has a history of making some electrifying OW and Pokemon skin crossovers, recently debuting their Pikachu D.Va skin design.

And while this Hammond skin follows suit in its attachment to Pokemon, its exact design has quite a bit to it.

This skin combines a few core elements of Pokemon, according to the Reddit user. First, and perhaps most obvious, is Hammond’s mechanical husk is designed after a Poke-ball. This is one that many have likely thought of, but seeing it come to life is something else entirely.

Second, Hammond himself is modeled and slightly altered in appearance to reflect Dedenne, Pokemon #702 in the Pokedex. There are lots of hamster-like ‘mons the creator could have gone with for this, namely Emolga, Pikachu, Pachirisu, and Morpeko. But, I think we can all agree that Dedenne as Hammond fits like a glove.

Lastly, amandazerepp notes that the backpack is paying homage to Ash’s backpack made famous in the animated series. Funny enough, Ash’s backpack was a place where Pikachu often found himself nestled in, much like Hammond finds himself in his Poke-ball-themed mech in this skin concept.

This skin comes in a long line of amazing creations from the Overwatch community. With the two most recent designs from u/amandazerepp being as phenomenal as they have been, fans can only wait in anticipation to see what’s next from the skilled designer.