Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball gets his very own mermaid skin

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment/Disney

Pharah, Reinhardt, Ana and Widowmaker down.

Now, Wrecking Ball and Hammond join the party with an awesome skin inspired by the Little Mermaid that would be perfect for the Summer Games event as well.

Blizzard EntertainmentHammond pulls off being a mermaid surprisingly well.
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The seaweed is always greener

Wrecking Ball, Hammond’s mech, looks ready to roll around under the sea in Toyso’s original skin with conch shells for his legs, and tridents where his cannons would normally be.

A coating of starfish, barnacles, and other underwater life all over Wrecking Ball make it look like it just came from 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Blizzard EntertainmentSmashing enemies as Mermaid Hammond would be pretty hilarious.
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Of course Hammond wasn’t left out, in fact, he’s been transformed into the cutest little mermaid hamster we’ve ever seen.

He’s been given rainbow hair, a clam shell bra, and an adorable little tail that makes him look like a much cuter and cuddly version of the Fiji mermaid.

Even though it’s still just an idea, it doesn’t take much to imagine how much fun piledriving enemies would be in Hammond’s Mermaid skin.

ToysovoreEat your hearts out, Hammond mains.
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Speaking of events, when is Summer Games?

According to Jeff Kaplan’s July 11 Developer Update, 2019’s Summer Games will get started earlier than in previous years.

This means that instead of starting sometime in August, as some fans had predicted, the event could begin before the end of July.

Blizzard EntertainmentLucioball is back, whether you like it or not.
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There will also be a new way for players to earn skins for Summer Games 2019, though a series of challenges similar to the Bastet and Baptiste’s Reunion challenges spread out throughout the event.