Overwatch: Reinhardt gets powerful charge buff with Workshop mode

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has used the Workshop to give Reinhardt an incredible buff to his Charge.

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The Workshop is a scripting tool that has given Overwatch players a huge amount of control to create their own custom games, allowing them to bend and break even the most fundamental rules of the standard game.

While the Workshop can be used to create fully-fledged new game modes, Overwatch players have also taken to using it to explore potential buffs or changes to the way heroes and their abilities work.

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In a new Workshop mode, u/yurodd designed a buff for Reinhardt that would enable him to pin multiple enemies at once.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Workshop has been extremely popular with Overwatch players.

As it stands, Reinhardt can only pin a single player with his charge. While others can be knocked back, allowing for scenarios in which Reinhardt can knock multiple enemies off the map, for instance, only one can be pinned, carried with the charge, and ideally smashed against a wall for direct damage.

The mode by u/yurodd changes that however, enabling Reinhardt to pin any enemies that cross his path during the charge, making for a massive buff to the ability that could, in theory, allow him to wipe out an entire squad with a single well-timed move.

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While the ability for Reinhardt to pin an entire team’s worth of players and deal damage to all of them by charging them into a wall would likely be too powerful, it’s not impossible that Blizzard could consider some variation of this if they were ever looking to buff Reinhardt.

Whether it be limiting how many players can be pinned, or limiting the total amount of damage that can be dealt by the ability, it would be possible for Blizzard to put a cap on how powerful this buffed charge could be while still allowing for multiple pins.

In addition to this change for Reinhardt, players have also experimented with giving him a Brigitte-style Shield Bash, as well as making changes to other heroes such as an improved animation for Genji’s Swift Strike and a hilarious new ability for Roadhog.

Anyone that wants to try out this powerful Reinhardt buff for themselves, or use it for their own Workshop modes, can do so by importing it with share code JARNT.