Overwatch Workshop mode summons your very own Reinhardt army

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Workshop guru and Twitch streamer DarwinStreams’ latest creation lets players summon and control their own personal strike force of Reinhardts.

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A new Overwatch PTR patch on August 22 included nerfs for Sigma, Zarya and Symmetra – as well as some new and improved Workshop options.

Of course, it didn’t take long for DarwinStreams to create something that looks absolutely insane and a lot of fun at the same time.

Blizzard EntertainmentThis Reinhardt goes up to 11.
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That’s a lot of Reinhardt

In Darwin’s mode, the player can summon and operate 11 bot-controlled Reinhardts to make them attack, charge, firestrike and ultimate on command.

Thanks to this new mode, we now know there’s nothing quite like seeing 11 Reinhardts absolutely steamroll a helpless Torbjorn.

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Imagine how crazy it would be to hop in a game and battle it out with your own little army, instead of just with the single hero you control.

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It’s not just Reinhardt that can be mass-produced, either: Darwin also threw in a preview of a Pharah strike force that could carpet bomb an entire team, which means there’s a good chance any hero can be mass-spawned.

“We can now spawn dummies without AI or players controlling them, which means that you will soon get a ton of PvE community-made maps, highly advanced training ranges and practice modes,” Darwin said about the latest update. “I will also update my Rein block practice and Ana sleep Doom practice so they don’t require an AFK player. A ton of good stuff coming!”

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For players who want their own Reinhardt army, the Workshop code is: E6KVC.

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Even more possibilities in the Workshop

Regiments of Reinhardts and flocks of Pharahs aren’t the only things players can do with the new Workshop features, as Darwin was kind enough to demonstrate.

In some of the most strangely satisfying Workshop clips we’ve ever seen, Darwin summons 165 Hammond mines, before clearing them with Sigma and Reinhardt.

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Besides raising the important question of what exactly we should call a group of Reinhardts, the clips also bring up the issue of who’s minesweeping is more satisfying – Reinhardt or Sigma.

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