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Overwatch Workshop mode shows why Sombra is so frustrating to play against

Published: 1/Jul/2019 8:00 Updated: 1/Jul/2019 8:10

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created a Workshop mode to demonstrate the inconsistencies with Sombra.

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Sombra has seen a surge in play recently, finding a place in several compositions in the Overwatch League and consequently trickling down through the upper divisions of online ranked play.

Unfortunately, it seems not all players are happy about Sombra’s rise in popularity, with many complaining that the hero feels “broken” and frustrating to play against due to the inconsistencies in her abilities.

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Specifically, it’s Sombra’s signature ability, Hack, and it’s ultimate variant EMP, that can cause issues, and Overwatch player PMAJellies has created a Workshop mode designed to make the issues with Sombra more clear than they might be in-game.


Blizzard EntertainmentSombra’s Hack can feel inconsistent on both sides of the ability.

The Workshop mode allows players to see exactly how large the radius for Sombra’s EMP is, and many might be surprised at how big an area the ability can encompass. In the video, for example, PMAJellies demonstrates that EMP covers the entirety of the capture point on Ilios Ruins.

PMAJellies also demonstrates some of the issues with Sombra’s regular Hack ability. While short, Hack does need to be channelled in order to take effect, but it appears that during the ability it’s possible to break both the line-of-sight requirement and the range but still have the ability finish.


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It’s not entirely clear to what extent these aspects of hack are bugs or intended features. Blizzard has in the past attempted to give Hack a certain amount of “grace” when it comes to movement during Hack, so that the ability isn’t broken off and set on cooldown by the target moving out of range or behind cover for only the briefest moment.

As it currently stands, however, the result can be a somewhat inconsistent feel to the ability that can be frustrating on both sides, with neither Sombra nor her target necessarily able to judge whether or not the Hack will work.