Overwatch Workshop mode makes for some crazy POTGs

A new Overwatch Workshop mode puts a different spin on the traditional deathmatch and also provides some incredible-looking POTGs at the end of the match.

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The Overwatch Workshop mode allows players to create basically any kind of mode they can think of and there’s already been a ton of new content produced already.

Now Reddit user inverse_infidel has made a new mode that’s sort of like Superhot mixed with Overwatch deathmatch and it looks like a ton of fun.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Saloon in Hollywood has seen plenty of battles over the years.
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Take it slow

Infidel’s mode is called “Saloon Showdown” and the actual gameplay is a slow-motion deathmatch inside Hollywood’s Saloon that feels like playing through a scene out of the Matrix.

Since the game plays in slo-mo it allows players to make pretty accurate shots, if they don’t get taken out first, that is.

Besides making for some interesting gameplay (and having a great name) Saloon Showdown also provides some awesome POTGs at the end of each game.

Going from slow motion to regular speed makes the POTGs go from impressive-looking to god-level execution status.

via Gfycat

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What’s coming to Overwatch next?

The Overwatch League announced their own Replay mode that allows players to watch any match from the current stage with all the Replay features.

With that new feature coming out, there’s a good chance that the general Overwatch Replay feature will be making it from the PTR to the main game soon, but as of writing there’s been no official word on that.

With Hero 31 confirmed for sometime this Summer by Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan, all the Replay hype could just be the tip of the iceberg.