Overwatch Workshop mode lets players practice eating enemy ultimates with D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch Workshop mode from DarwinStreams allows players to practice eating enemy ultimates with D.Va’s Defense Matrix.

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Defense Matrix is one of the most valuable abilities in the game, and it can completely cancel out ultimates like Zarya’s Gravitron Surge, Mei’s Blizzard, and Hanzo’s Dragonstrike.

To help players master gobbling up ultimates, DarwinStreams created the aptly-named “D.Va Eat Practice” mode.

Blizzard EntertainmentDefense Matrix makes D.Va a dangerous hero to ult against.
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Like a Gravitron buffet

In D.Va Eat Practice, Zarya bots randomly appear and fire their ultimates at the D.Va player, who stands on the bridge in the second point on Eichenwalde.

It’s up to players to react to Zarya, and attempt to eat as many of her ultimates as possible. For players who want even more of a challenge, you can add an extra Zarya bot, and loud background noises to make reacting even tougher.

Players can also practice eating Mei’s ultimate too, by simply switching out the Zarya bot with a Mei one. No word on whether Hanzo works yet or not, but adding his Dragonstrike into the mode would make sense as well.

For players who want to practice eating ultimates with D.Va to their heart’s content, the Workshop code is: 4F7R2. Darwin also included a tutorial with more details on how to set up the mode.

(Mobile viewers, click here to watch the following clip on Streamable.)

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Is Defense Matrix getting nerfed?

D.Va has a nerf currently on the PTR that reduces the range of her Defense Matrix from 15 meters to 10, which means players will have to get used to the shorter length.

DarwinStream’s Workshop mode could prove very useful for D.Va players trying to get used to the changes made to the ability, though.

We don’t know why Blizzard feels the need to keep picking on D.Va and her fans, but at least they haven’t taken the ability away from her entirely.