Overwatch voice actors perform hilarious mid-ultimate death impressions for their Heroes

by Ross Deason


A hilarious YouTube video of the female Overwatch voice actors performing their ultimate lines, but being killed halfway through, has gained traction online.

Overwatch’s voice actors are celebrities in their own right, highly regarded by the game’s ever-growing community and always willing to provide some comedy for their fans.

That point is hammered home by a YouTube video that has been gaining traction online on November 2, specifically on the Overwatch subreddit.

The video in question, which was actually uploaded back in July, was recorded at the Florida Supercon 2018 convention during the ‘Women of Overwatch’ panel that took place.

In it, the voice actors perform the voice-over for their character’s ultimate, but have it interrupted halfway through by them being killed. As you can imagine, it’s pretty damn funny:

“Every time I see a video with them I love them more. Mercy’s sounded exactly like in-game,” said ‘goldsbananas’ on Reddit.

Another user noted that seeing the actions along with the voices made the clip even better, stating: “Their body languages improved the video so much, I love how into it they were.”

After a bit of digging, we were able to find the full Q&A panel from the Florida Supercon event on YouTube.

The question that resulted in the hilarious clip, “Could you possibly do your ult lines, but in the middle of it get killed?” can be found at the 20:05 mark.