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Overwatch unveils Little Red Ashe and Grandma Wolf BOB Anniversary skin

Published: 14/May/2020 21:38 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:43

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch has officially revealed one of the upcoming 2020 Anniversary Event skins in the form of Little Red Ashe.

On May 14, the Overwatch Twitter account posted a video showing off the skin, which pays homage to the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

“B.O.B… What big teeth you have!” the post reads and shows off Ashe’s giant Omnic butler as a wolf dressed as a grandmother.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe looks amazing as Little Red Riding Hood.

In the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood travels through a forest to get to her grandmother’s house, but when she gets there, a wolf had eaten the granny and put her clothes on as a disguise that screams “Stealth 100.”


Eventually, Little Red Riding Hood is rescued by a woodsman who cuts the wolf open with an axe to free the grandma, proving that rabid creatures in fantasy books have poor digestive systems and don’t chew their food.

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In this case, however, Ashe seems to be the one wielding an axe as her primary weapon, The Viper, has a unique axe-like attachment – a nice little attention to detail.

The skin itself for Ashe certainly earns the rank of “Legendary” with her white hair covered by the red cloak.

BOB, meanwhile has undergone a neat transformation into a wolf while still maintaining some of his metal charm that fans of his have come to appreciate.


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Blizzard Entertainment
What a team.

His attire is a blue top, nightcap and reading glasses that make the whole outfit extremely unique.

Little Red Ashe was just one of three skins previously leaked by Blizzard in a forum post. Still to come are Dragoon Mercy, Masquerade Reaper, and special challenge skins like Carbon Fiber Sigma.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event kicks off May 19 and will run until June 9, giving players plenty of time to unlock the special Ashe skin amongst others.