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Overwatch Workshop $25K Twitch Rivals tournament results – xQc, Emongg, and more

Published: 3/Jul/2019 11:56 Updated: 3/Jul/2019 12:45

by Joe O'Brien


Some of the most popular Overwatch streamers went head-to-head in a Twitch Rivals tournament that used a variety of custom modes created in the Workshop.

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The Overwatch Workshop has produced a variety of incredible custom modes, and the latest Twitch Rivals competition saw twelve streamers facing off in some of the most popular and entertaining creations.

The tournament was commentated by Overwatch League analysts Brennon ‘Bren’ Hook and Joshua ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson, the British duo known for their banter and perhaps perfectly suited for such a tournament.  

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The competition featured a total of 14 different modes, from simpler modes like Gun Game and Darwin’s 10K Damage FFA variant to the Infinity Stones game inspired by Marvel’s Avengers.


Most of the modes were played as free-for-alls with a single winner, but some – such as “Emote Watch”, in which players can only kill their opponents by using emotes near them, and the epic Splinter Cell-inspired “Spies vs Mercs” mode – were played in teams, with Emongg and xQc heading up opposing squads.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Overwatch Workshop lets players develop a huge variety of creative custom modes.
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Free-for-alls offered a first-place prize of $400, with the amount decreasing down the placements to a minimum of $25, while team modes granted $1,200 to split between the winning squad for $200 each, and $300 split between the losers for $50 each.

The final match of the tournament was “Steal the Crown”, a free-for-all game mode in which all players compete as Tracer to capture and hold the ‘Crown’ to earn points, with only their melee ability as a weapon to stun other players.


The mode proved an appropriate ending, as John ‘Wanted’ Lin ultimate stole the crown in the tournament itself. While all eyes were on the battle between Gale_Adelade and Emongg, by winning the final game Wanted earned both a double first-place prize of $800 and a $1000 bonus for having the most wins in the tournament, coming from behind to claim victory.

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Final standings and prizes:

Placing Streamer Prize
1 Wanted $3,800
2 Gale_Adelade $2,800
3 Emongg $2,775
4 PVPx $2,175
5 Aspen $2,100
6 Fitzy $2,000
7 xQc $1,950
8 KarQ $1,775
9 Fareeha $1,725
10 Fran $1,625
11 Cuppcake $1,225
12 Yuule $1,050