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Easy Overwatch trick lets any hero access King’s Row spawn high ground

Published: 13/Jul/2021 23:42 Updated: 13/Jul/2021 23:43

by Bill Cooney


Baptiste arrived back in February of 2019 and is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to healing and keeping your team alive, but he’s also able to help any hero get to the high ground in the King’s Row attacking spawn. Here’s how.

Baptiste quickly found his own little niche in Overwatch and as players have learned, he can also help teammates with much more than just healing and his Immortality Field.

Due to him having almost as much mobility as both Mercy and Lucio, if not more, he can also help any hero in the game get to places they otherwise might not be able to.


Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste can do more than your typical support.

Baptiste’s King’s Row boost

As we all know, Baptiste’s Exo Boots ability allows him to jump really high (~9m in-game) after crouching down and charging up for one second, and it’s possible to use this to boost any hero you like on King’s Row. It’s a strat that seems to pop up every six months or so on Reddit, but it’s actually been around almost as long as the hero himself

Reddit user MuiloLemos was kind enough to share all the way back in 2019, just a few months after Baptiste came out how, with enough speed, you can use Baptiste’s hops to get practically any hero to the high ground on the first attacking spawn of King’s Row.


By jumping up and slightly forward right next to the healing wall – as demonstrated in the video below – you can quickly switch to any other hero before landing on the platform.

It’s a pretty neat trick and allows heroes like Bastion and Orisa to get a good vantage point but thanks to role queue, it’s not really something you can pull off in those Competitive or Quick Play Modes.

Since the role queue update has been live for some time now, Baptiste is only able to switch to another healer, unless you play Open Queue, but you’re still able to use it to get a nice high sniping position for Ana.