Overwatch trick gives heroes extra momentum with abilities

Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a simple way for some Overwatch heroes to maintain their momentum a little while after using movement abilities to tack a little extra distance onto the end.

The trick has been around the game since day one, and all you have to do is hold jump down at the end of a movement ability such as Reinhardt’s charge, for example.

If you time it right, which isn’t that difficult at all, Rein will hop at the end of his charge, adding a few extra meters to the end of it, as shown by Reddit user SpiralArc in the clip below.

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As we mentioned, Rein is far from the only hero who can pull off this move to conserve some of their momentum from movement abilities – Doomfist, Moira, Winston, Brigitte, and of course Mercy can also add a little extra distance with the trick.

Out of all of these heroes, Doomfist might be toughest to get down, since there’s a relatively small window at the end of his Rocket Punch where players need to press jump for it to work.

When you manage to get it down though, it becomes a very powerful part of his kit, since you can jump about 10 meters no matter the amount of charge on your Rocket Punch.

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Not only that, but Doomfist can even change direction mid-punch, making it an even more valuable tool for players to utilize. YouTuber Link_x2 gives a good rundown of the move in the video below.

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Moira’s Fade is one of the most interesting movement abilities in Overwatch, she can use it to shoot herself up in the air, and can change direction midway through the move.

To gain vertical height with Fade, players need to hit jump as soon as they come into contact with an object like a box, or pole, that will propel Moira upwards.

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Getting the hang of how to jump and change direction during the ability not only makes it tough for enemies to predict where you’re going to end up, but it also vastly improves Moira’s overall mobility as a hero.

Toronto Defiant streamer and Overwatch YouTuber KarQ released a great tutorial of how exactly to get the most out of Moira’s Fade and showed over 100 spots in Overwatch it can be used at shortly after she was first released. It’s definitely still worth a watch if you’re trying to get better with the hero.

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Mercy, of course, can increase the distance of her Guardian Angel ability by holding jump down towards the end, allowing her to zoom around allies, alive or dead.

Not only does this make her harder to hit, but it allows her to duck behind cover, catch up with her team, or hop up to float around in the air.

Out of all the heroes covered so far, Mercy’s Guardian Angel trick might come more intuitively to players who spend a lot of time on the hero, but if you want a quick rundown of all the details, YouTuber Hoshizora’s video should do the trick.

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Finally, Winston’s Rocket Jump can only maintain momentum when jump is pressed towards the end of lower-trajectory jumps, think more horizontal movement then vertical, and you’ve got it down.

Brigitte operates just like Rein, but her Shield Bash does have a smaller window to jump, so it might take a little practice to get down as well.

We may be getting close to Overwatch’s fourth anniversary, but this just shows there are obviously still plenty of tricks that players might not be aware of.