Overwatch: Torbjorn’s Molten form is more detailed than first thought

An Overwatch player highlighted what Torbjörn looks like during his Molten state in various different skins, and the details are actually quite stunning.

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Back in 2018, Blizzard did a massive rework to Torbjörn, giving him a new ability called ‘Overload’ where his defense and attack become greatly buffed. He also received an ultimate change, getting rid of his powered up turret and instead allowing him to throw a pool of lava down.

When the Overload ability is triggered, Torbjörn becomes so overheated that he glows like lava. However, it actually has a lot more detail than initially meets the eye.

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Torbjörn’s Molten form

Over on Reddit, user ‘Owlero‘ posted a video that compiled nine of the DPS hero’s skins while in his Molten state – and it actually looks incredible. 

While the character glows in game to let other players know he’s temporarily buffed, the effect actually has a lot of detail as it adapts to each of his different skins. 

Blizzard EntertainmentBuild ’em up, break ’em down.
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Also included in the video is the infamous “Surf ‘n’ Splash” skin, which was recently released for Torbjörn in the latest Summer Games event. 

Fans were quick to point out how terrifying his speedo looks in Molten form, as his bathing suit in particular really stands out and looks scary when it’s glowing.

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Something to think about is how character skins also have to adapt to abilities and animations, and the video demonstrates that perfectly as they all look different in his lava-like form.

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If nothing else, it just makes players appreciate the little details that go into making these characters come to life.