Overwatch & Titanfall collide with perfect Rein and Tracer skin concepts

Respawn Entertainment/Blizzard

One Overwatch fan has brought together Blizzard’s shooter with the Titanfall series, and it brings a whole new look to Reinhardt and Tracer.

Overwatch has been scratching that team-based shooter itch for players since 2016, and Titanfall first came out in 2014. Both are some of the most popular games of the last decade, but what happens if they’re brought together?

In search of an answer, Reddit user Bowen_Art decided to put the Respawn spin on Tracer and Reinhardt.

Respawn Entertainment
D.Va would have been a natural Titan pilot too, just saying.

Obviously, if you hadn’t already guessed, Tracer has been turned into a Pilot and Reinhardt is now a gigantic mech. Sure, you could have had a giant, Tracer mech and Rein as the operator, but that would be weird.

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Mecha Reinhardt looks awesome though along with his hammer and armor. All of its tweaked just enough to look like it belongs in the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe.

Tracer too, looks like she could be wall-running around as well. She’s significantly smaller than the Rein Titan, but if you look close she is rocking a look that could pass as an Apex skin.

Bowen even said they would be making another set of an Overwatch Titan and Pilot, but didn’t say who’d be the lucky hero(es) to be features. Might we suggest D.Va and her MEKA?

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“I will be doing one more Titan and Pilot,” Bowen said. “I’m only doing these two because they were my original ideas before Reinhardt and Tracer, and decided that they didn’t really match anything related to Titanfall. But I’m gonna draw them anyway.”

The artist is correct, Tracer and Rein have almost nothing to do with Titanfall, other than also being from the future. Still, they do look really cool, and we can’t wait to see what the second set ends up looking like.