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Overwatch players are creating terrifying hero mashups with new feature

Published: 22/May/2020 6:19

by Andrew Amos


A change to the Overwatch Workshop has been shipped in the May 21 PTR update, and it’s got players creating some absolute abominations by fusing heroes together.

Hero mashups aren’t necessarily a new concept. The Overwatch fandom have created some weird and wonderful combinations in the past.

However, now you can bring them to life, thanks to a new feature added to the Overwatch Workshop in the latest PTR patch.

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The May 21 PTR update added a few new features to the Workshop, including the ability to attach (and subsequently detach) from other players.

Reddit: andygmb
You can now attach heroes to each other in the Overwatch Workshop.

The function “allows one player to become stuck to another with a given offset, giving players the ability to carry other players around,” according to the patch notes. It brings a whole new meaning to carrying your teammates ⁠— quite the literal one.


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However, some of the creations the community are coming up with are absolute atrocities.

For starters, remember GOATS? Now you can relive your fears of the deathball composition in a completely new way by attaching all of the heroes to one another.

With the new PTR “Attach Player” function, we can now play 1v1 GOATs. Code: 9MGGG from r/Competitiveoverwatch

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Creator ‘andygmb’ said you’ll probably want to default to a third person camera for this one. It’s not like you need to aim at anything anyways.

Fusing together all the heroes allows them to share their health pools, but also increases their hitbox size. In first person view, it can also get pretty messy, with character models often getting in the way.



The possibilities are endless. You could run Pharmercy with the Mercy attached to the Pharah (what a pocket that’ll be). You could run the most terrifying dive tank composition with Winston and Wrecking Ball.

If one sniper wasn’t enough, you could morph Widowmaker with Ashe and Hanzo to create quite the behemoth. As with anything in the Workshop, anything you can imagine, you can create.

The Overwatch Workshop Attach Player function hasn’t been added to the live game yet, but it’ll be coming soon after testing has finished up on the PTR.