Overwatch surprises fans with a new Brigitte skin for Year of the Pig

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment


Along with the new Zhuge Liang skin for Overwatch's Year of the Pig celebration, so far at least.

Thankfully, Brigitte does not have a giant flowing beard, which seems to be an underlying theme with this year's skins.


Brigitte does have some great looking studded armor and finally a helmet, to protect her (somewhat) from Reinhardt's hammer.

Year of the Pig will actually be Brigitte's first Lunar New Year event, as the hero was introduced in March of 2018.

In the teaser clip of the skin, posted to the Korean Overwatch Twitter, it's hard to tell exactly what her mace looks like, but there seem to be some designs on the handle.


Brigitte's shield wasn't shown at all during the clip, but it probably got a makeover along with the rest her equipment.

The event starts on Thursday, January 24, and there could be multiple skins unveiled by Blizzard before then.

Since the event begins on a Thursday, players should wait to earn their three arcade loot boxes until the event has started, to get a head start on all that Lunar New Year loot.