Overwatch player thinks playing Brigitte is so easy a child could do it

by Bill Cooney


Brigitte is one of the most talked about heroes in Overwatch right now, players either hate her or they love her, and one player on streamer Jeff ‘emongg’ Anderson’s team during an Overwatch match had a few things to say about the hero.


Brigitte has attracted so much controversy because of the major role she plays in the current metagame, her ability to deal damage while simultaneously healing teammates is invaluable.

But, many players accuse the hero of being OP, and easy to gain wins with, so easy, that one of emongg’s teammate’s said their 2-year-old could probably do it.


After emongg asks his teammate, Fixer, if his kid plays any games, his teammate replies “He’s two-years-old, but he could probably be a Brig player.”

After throwing some shade, Fixer casually asks if his team wants Lucio or Zen as emongg cracks up at his comments.


There have been a lot of insults thrown the way of Brigitte players recently, but saying a toddler could probably do just fine on her in ladder has to hurt.

Who knows? If he gets an early enough start, maybe one day we’ll see Fixer’s son in the Overwatch League playing Brigitte.