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Overwatch Streamer Shows Off the Power of the New Hanzo with Insane Team Wipe

Published: 9/May/2018 20:41 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:51

by Joe O'Brien


Tempo Storm streamer Wraxu showed off the power of the new Hanzo during a recent stream.

A well-known Hanzo specialist, Wraxu demonstrated just what the newly-reworked hero is capable of with an epic six-kill in a ranked online game.

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Hanzo’s overhaul gave him a brand-new ability in Storm Shot, a skill that allows him to rapid-fire up to six shots at maximum power but reduced damage, as well as a new movement ability, a horizontal leap called Lunge.

Perhaps just as importantly, however, Hanzo also got some more subtle changes across the board, such as an increase in the projectile speed of his arrows. The overall result is a Hanzo that is significantly improved, and in the hands of a specialist it shows.


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During a match on Horizon: Lunar Colony, Wraxu was able to wipe out the entire enemy team to secure the first point. Unlike most Hanzo multi-kills of old, however, Wraxu didn’t rely on the ultimate at all, instead going to work with just his regular arrows and the new Storm Shot ability.

Among the victims of the play was LA Valiant’s Terrence ‘SoOn’ Tarlier, who was Wraxu’s first victim as the slaughter began. With his opposite number removed, Wraxu then proceeds to eliminate the entire team, barely missing a shot throughout.

Unfortunately for fans of the new Hanzo wishing to see him used at the highest level of play, it seems the changes won’t go live in the next stage of the Overwatch League.