Overwatch streamer reacts after being eliminated due to funny Wrecking Ball glitch

by Vincent Genova


Fitzyhere had a hilarious reaction after being unfairly eliminated due to a glitch involving Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver ability.


The Overwatch streamer made a nice play to flank the enemy on Ilios, lining the opponents up to do serious damage with Wrecking Ball.

Unfortunately for Fitz, things quickly went downhill.


Instead of an amazing Piledrive that damaged multiple enemies, Fitzy got stuck on a fence and sat there helplessly.

The enemies did not even notice the giant hamster glitching near them, giving Fitzy plenty of time to stare blankly at his monitor wondering where it all went wrong.


Since he was hit the fence, an area the developers may not have intended to be piledrived, Wrecking Ball was caught in an animation as if he was still falling towards the ground.

The glitch left Fitzy unable to move and the enemy Lucio, McCree and Hanzo took their time to easily dispatch the trapped hamster.

Fitzyhere was able to laugh at the situation, instead of the keyboard smashing rage one might find while browsing glitch-related kills on Twitch.


Wrecking Ball isn’t the only character that can bug out in Overwatch, sometimes B.O.B gets a little thirsty.

Fitzyhere might get an influx of Overwatch fans to his channel soon, since big names like Seagull and xQc are growing increasingly frustrated with the game.