Overwatch streamer terrified after brutal spawn camp bug nearly kicks her from game

. 9 months ago
Overwatch spawn camp bug featuring Reaper
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Overwatch players are still reporting issues with an annoying bug that causes spawn camped enemies to count as “inactive” and potentially get kicked from the match.

It’s not uncommon for bugs in Overwatch to exist for a bit before being fixed, but this latest spawn camping bug has lasted throughout September, infuriating players in the process.

Sadly, it’s also resulted in some spawn camping shenanigans where bold teams try their damndest to hold their opponents at bay in hopes of causing them to literally get disconnected.

This is exactly what happened to Twitch streamer Skiesti during a match on Havana. While trying to attack the third objective and push the payload to its destination, the enemy team went wild and pushed her back into spawn.

Overwatch streamer nearly spawn camped to the menu

Despite the Mercy player’s best efforts to keep her team alive and break through, the defensive might of a Sigma, Roadhog, Mei, Hanzo, Ana, and Baptiste proved to be too much.

“We’re doing great, team!” she said sarcastically, not masking her frustration.

Mere moments later, a screen popped up warning her that if she didn’t move quickly, she would be kicked for inactivity, prompting the streaming to attempt a Resurrection on a teammate.

“No! Stop!” she cried, begging for the screen to go away. “I was going to be removed from the match!”

Although she was lucky and the game didn’t kick her (which would have meant she lost 50 SR), the moment was so agonizing that she posted the clip on Twitter for her followers to see.

Overwatch players report spawn camp bug

“Healing/dmg boost? Nope. Res? Nope. Okay, maybe Valk? Nope. I get WHY it happens but I was still actively playing the game and the fact that I had walk out past my team and get killed so I wasn’t removed from the game is not great,” she remarked.

Others reported similar problems in their own games. “I’ve started having this happen so many times. Only on this map. F**k Havana,” commented fellow streamer KristenRae.

The Overwatch devs had previously said they were investigating the issue, but didn’t have an ETA on a possible fix. Sadly, there hasn’t been another update on this, so Overwatch players will just need to find creative ways to avoid getting spawn camped and kicked until then.

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