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Overwatch • Oct 30, 2018

Overwatch streamer pulls off an almost perfect Dragonblade

Overwatch streamer pulls off an almost perfect Dragonblade
Blizzard Entertainment

During the Overwatch League offseason, amazing, top-level plays seem to be a little harder to find, which is why this excellent Dragonblade from Overwatch streamer cavalry is so fun to watch.


While attacking Point A on Hollywood, a total of five enemies fall to cavalry's blade after he gets a little help from his Ana's Nano Boost.

Nano Blade in tow, he goes on a tear inside the restaurant right next to the point taking out Lucio, Ana and Hanzo with three precision Swift Strikes. 


After slicing up the poor enemy Reinhardt, he heads back into the cafe to finish off Sombra before his Dragonblade expires.

After finishing off the Zarya, his team his clear to cap the point, and the streamer cant help but remark "That ws actually kinda POG."


Cavalry is only 16, so we wouldn't potentially see him in Overwatch League for another couple years, but the streamer has commented previously that he doesn't know if he has a deep enough hero pool to make it professionally.

But with Genji skills like that, his viewers probably don't mind him focusing more on streaming at all.

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