Overwatch streamer ML7 shows off crazy Hanamura jump to defend Point A

Ana on Hanamura Point A in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is a game filled with numerous complex intricacies and hero interactions to master, but for some players, just being able to land a jump that’s been in the game since launch can be extremely difficult. Streamer ML7 showed why landing the Hanamura jump can be critical to ranking up.

Defending Point A on Hanamura, like any 2CP map, can be a challenge because of how far back your spawn is compared to the attackers’. However, Hanamura has an interesting spot where players can jump from the temple area to get back to the objective faster after respawning.

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The jump itself is quite difficult to make, requiring players to jump at just the right spot to make it across. Otherwise, you just end up falling to your doom and potentially losing the point –  and sometimes even the game, if it’s in overtime.

With ML7’s team barely ahead 3-2 in extra rounds, giving up Point A would result in either a tie or a loss depending on if his team could defend the second objective. Not wanting it to go that far, the Romanian streamer took matters into his own hands and took a leap of faith.

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Ana poses in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Making the jump can be difficult for heroes like Ana.

Normally, teams with a Symmetra will put a friendly Teleporter over this gap to help their teammates without movement abilities make it across with no issue.

However, ML7 mains Ana and didn’t have a Symmetra on his team – meaning that making the jump was his only option to squeak out a victory from the clutches of defeat.

After barely making it across, ML7 showed exactly why this jump is so important, as he managed to pump his Winston full of healing and eventually earn enough ultimate charge to give him a Nano Boost.

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Despite some of the streamer’s allies falling, the added support, damage and positioning advantage in an overtime situation earned his team a clutch victory.

It just goes to show that you shouldn’t give up on fights and taking leaps of faith in dire moments can absolutely pay dividends.

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