Overwatch streamer makes a terrifying prediction on the future of competitive play

by Bill Cooney


Just in time for Halloween, Overwatch streamer Redshell shared his terrifying vision of what Overwatch Competitive play could end up turning into.


Redshell predicts a new hero will come in and completely break the game "The new hero dude, his name is called Dog, Dog is a tank, it's a tank that counters every single player in the game."

Then the consequences of this new hero are truly horrifying "Overwatch is dead, there's no more fucking games."


This would mean the end of Competitive play as well, the streamer tells viewers "Competitive Overwatch is over dude, the top ten players are Brigitte players and Dog mains."

But he had one final terrifying prediction to leave viewers with "And before you know it dude, you open Twitch.tv to watch your favorite streamers, and the only thing you can see: Evil Toaster, 24/7, on 60 different channels."


There could be a new hero announced at BlizzCon this weekend, but hopefully it won't be one that aligns with Redshell's terrifying prophecy.

Hopefully the prediction isn't accurate and Overewatch Competitive play is able to survive, that or we'll all just have to start practicing Dog as soon as it's announced.