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Overwatch • Mar 08, 2019

Overwatch streamer emongg takes Dafran's Reddit Zarya play to the next level

Overwatch streamer emongg takes Dafran's Reddit Zarya play to the next level
Blizzard Entertainment

Last week, Overwatch League pro Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca pulled off one of the most impressive plays of the season so far, and now streamer Jeff "emongg" Anderson has taken it to the next level.


While playing against the Paris Eternal on Saturday, March 2, Dafran managed to throw his Graviton Surge from the top of the archway leading into the second stage onto the enemy team.

The impressive play quickly became one of the most popular plays of the Overwatch League’s second season so far, but emongg decided to take it a step further.


Like Dafran, emongg starts on the high platform by Hollywood’s first point, and uses his secondary fire along with his allied Lucio’s speed boost to get over the arch.

But, instead of shooting the ultimate straight down into the choke like dafran did, emongg fired the Gravitron across the entire second stage to land just in front of the jail.

At first, emongg thinks his Grav hit the roof, but as he gets closer, it’s clear the ultimate went exactly where it needed to, somehow.


Unfortunately, the quick thinking enemy Zenyatta used Transcendence just before a Dragonstrike came crashing in, so there weren’t any eliminations from the impressive ultimate.

Still, it was completely insane, and the fact that emongg actually trapped the enemy team right by the payload is even crazier.

Dafran's play was definitely the Grav heard round the world, and it set the bar pretty high for great plays this season in the Overwatch League.

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