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Overwatch streamer emongg explains why the game “will never be balanced”

Published: 9/Oct/2019 0:48 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 1:10

by Bill Cooney


Popular Overwatch streamer Jeff ‘emongg’ Anderson told viewers during a recent stream on Twitch that he doesn’t think the game can ever be perfectly balanced.

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Overwatch has gone through a ton of changes over the last few months, with Role Queue and a semi-regular update schedule, but a lot of players are still talking about balance within the game.

The addition of new heroes, especially Sigma, raises even more questions about balance from players, but emongg said he thinks that a game like Overwatch with so many different heroes, will “never be balanced”.

OverwatchSigma has a lot of Overwatch players talking about balance in the game.
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Why doesn’t emongg think Overwatch can be balanced?

During a recent stream emongg said there were a lot of factors going into why Overwatch can’t be balanced.


“It comes down to a lot of different things right? And here’s the real truth, and this is going to be another eye-opener for people: this games f*cked when it comes to balance,” the streamer said. “There’s too many different types of style of hero in this game, this game will never ever ever be able to be balanced again due to the heroes that exist.”

Video from Just Gaming Things on YouTube:

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He continued and said he wished that Overwatch could get major updates that “shook things up” every season, instead of only a few times a year.


“This is a game that just needs consistent shakeup,” he claimed. “It’s Overwatch, it’s not League of Legends, it’s not DOTA 2, it’s not TF2, it’s a completely different game, which means things need to be done differently than that type of stuff.”

The longtime Overwatch streamer said he didn’t have a problem with role queue, but how power creep has affected the game’s heroes.

“Role Queue definitely isn’t a bad thing, the problem is that I literally have to hit the Sigma button every time,” he added. “So if they could try to look more at the reason why things are broken in general.”


Blizzard EntertainmentRole Queue has added a whole other dimension to Overwatch lately.
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What does emongg think can be done?

Emongg said he thinks that when Blizzard makes changes to Overwatch, they should take into consideration what high-level players think should be done.

“So when they make all these nerfs and these changes to the game, what they’re not looking at is why things are working,” the streamer said. “One advice I’d give them is to look at advice from the high end players, when it comes to making these hardcore changes. Because nowadays, I truly believe their making these changes due to high level play.”

“You have to look at why a hero is super strong, then make changes based on why a meta is strong,” he continued. “So if shields are an issue, look at the exact shields.”


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Emongg goes into a lot more depth on the subject of balance throughout the video, so it’s definitely worth watching all the way through to see his opinion on the subject.

In other Overwatch news, the Halloween Terror event failed to arrive on October 8 as the prophecies had foretold, which means Blizzard could be waiting for the Switch release on October 15 to drop the event.