Overwatch streamer discovers the risks of letting Twitch chat select music

by Bill Cooney


When Overwatch streamer Jeff 'emongg' Anderson decided to let Twitch viewers pick the music he'd be listening to in stream, he probably didn't expect to get his ears destroyed.


Attacking on Lijiang Tower's Night Market, things seem to be going normally until a viewer's chosen song blasts through emongg's speakers.

The Harry Potter theme song, played by heavily distorted guitar at max volume, forces the streamer to rip off his headphones to salvage what remains of his eardrums.


After turning off the assault on his ears, the streamer asks his mods "How did that get through?" while laughing about the permanent hearing damage he just suffered.

Viewers in Twitch chat were caught off guard as well, with many saying "RIP ears" or something similar.


Emongg is currently signed to the Philadelphia Fusion as a streamer, no word on whether or not letting viewers pick the music on stream is included in his contract, though.

Maybe now that he knows the risks involved he'll rethink letting random people choose the music he listens to while streaming.