Overwatch Streamer Dafran Suspended After Using Game Exploit

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca was suspended from the game shortly following the use of a gameplay exploit.

Though it’s not entirely clear that the exploit was the cause, the suspension did follow immediately after the game in which it was used.


The exploit in question is a means of reducing the downtime of a death by leaving the game and then immediately re-joining. Rather than sitting through the short cooldown between death and respawn, the process of leaving and re-joining the game can be done faster, allowing a marginal reduction in time out of action.

Obviously it’s the sort of thing that’s only useful in particular scenarios, when seconds or even milliseconds could be the difference between success and failure.


Dafran tried the trick during Anubis, when his team were attempting to defend a single tick on Point A against the enemy attackers.

The team ultimately lost the map, after which Dafran found himself banned before getting into a new game.

It’s not entirely clear what the cause of the one-day suspension was. While it came hot on the heels of what could well be considered a “game exploit” – the sort of thing Blizzard historically hasn’t been keen on – it’s also possible that the timing was coincidental, and the suspension merely a result of reports from players. Dafran had received a warning against his in-game behaviour earlier in the day.

Nevertheless, for those that have used or are considering using this trick, it’s perhaps worth exercising caution, as Blizzard increasingly looks to crack down on any behaviour they disapprove of.