Overwatch streamer catches hacking Hanzo player red-handed

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch streamer has caught what appears to be a hacker on Hanzo not even trying to hide their cheating.

Unfortunately, hackers are nothing new in Overwatch, but it seems like they’re popping up more than usual in recent weeks, with a player even getting removed from a tournament for using hacks.

Now, Overwatch streamer alternateAU seems to have found a hacker in their natural habitat – trying to ruin games on Hanzo.

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As alternate watched a replay of the Hanzo player in question, he immediately noticed that something didn’t seem right with the way they were aiming at things before they could see them.

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“LUL dude,” alternate laughed as the DPS perfectly aimed at a target behind a wall. “He’s not hacking bro, he’s not hacking bro.”

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In the clip Hanzo is pulled by Orisa into the air, then without missing a beat, they seem to lock on to Ashe as she goes through the attacker’s left-hand indoor path to the choke.

“He’s not hacking at all chat,” alternate told viewers facetiously. “He knew chat! He actually knew. Holy shit, he’s walling, and he has a toggle on chat.”

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When you take into account the fact the Hanzo in question was firing his Sonic Arrow directly at Ashe behind a wall, there’s really no way they could have known where she was unless they’re incredibly lucky, or cheating.

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment
Hanzo players can get a bad rap, but hacking certainly doesn’t help.

There wasn’t much alternate could do except report the hacker and avoid them, though with Overwatch’s “Avoid as Teammate” feature, he could still go up against them in the future.

Blizzard has shown some initiative in banning players who have been shown to be cheating through reviews like this, but it may be a case of there being just too many people hacking for them to take care of.

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