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Overwatch streamer “breaks the game” with Echo

Published: 6/May/2020 0:41

by Bill Cooney


Echo is the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster, and one streamer has pulled off a play with the character that he simply described as “breaking the game.”

With her ultimate allowing her to duplicate any hero on the battlefield, Echo can easily be considered one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Now, a new clip from Overwatch streamer Samito shows just how much potential Echo, her kit, and her ultimate actually have.

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In the clip, Samito is able to basically wipe out an entire enemy team with Echo before her ultimate runs out – and when it does, he’s already halfway to another Duplicate.


“I shot my sticky bombs, and swapped [transformed] before they detonated,” Samito explained. “And it did half the health of everyone on their team.

A Mercy Damage-Boosted Firestrike takes out a few members of the enemy team, and the follow-up Earthshatter basically finishes them off.

Blizzard Entertainment
Echo’s ultimate copy’s another character in the match and charges their ultimate super fast.

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“I shatter their team, kill them all,” he explained. “And then I come out of the ultimate, with 45 percent ultimate, because of the Damage Boost sticky bomb into the Grav. I broke Overwatch.”

Certainly, coming out of your ultimate with the next one basically half charged already would be unheard of for any other hero besides Echo.


Samito himself followed up and said he couldn’t believe that this was something developers intended to happen when they designed the hero, but as we can see, it’s happening right there in front of us.

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Echo has already seen several nerfs since being released, but this clip does raise the question of whether or not she still needs to be tweaked.

Regardless, it’s just another example of how powerful Echo is in the current Overwatch meta, so be sure to lock her in as soon as you can when you finally make it into a game after waiting in the DPS queue.