Overwatch streamer becomes first player to hit level 10,000

Connor Bennett

Overwatch streamer TreeboyDave has become the first player to hit level 10,000 – achieving the incredible feat live on Twitch

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Ever since the game launched by in 2016, Overwatch players have been in a constant battle to out-do one another in-game and on the worldwide leaderboards. Some play for hours on end to try and rank up in their respective hero type, but never quite reach the lofty heights that they want.

Some, however, have continued to break through the games ‘max’ level cap as they try and show off their dedication with ridiculous numbers. Yet, TreeboyDave has left them all in the dust by becoming the first player to break double digits in the thousand levels territory.

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TreeboyDave was able to achieve the incredible feat while playing as Mei.

During his October 19 stream, the British broadcaster started the show at level 9993, with seven to go until he finally broke the insane 10,000 mark. After 10 and a half hours, the streamer was finally on the verge of his target as a game of Payload on Black Forest drew to a close.

As his team picked up the win, the streamer didn’t opt for any wild celebrations, but just hoped that his game didn’t crash so he could hit the milestone. There we go, hold on… level up!” he said. “Nice, ten thousand, there we go. Game hasn’t crashed yet, but yeah, there we go.”

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His celebration wasn’t finished there, however, as TreeboyDave noted that it been coming for quite sometime before his viewers decided to show their support and applause for hitting the 10,000 mark.

“Long time coming, never thought I’d get here. Yeah, level ten thousand” added the streamer, before one viewer – mossup – sent him 10,000 Twitch bits, the equivalent of $100/£118. 

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While some players might think that the streamer would pack it up there and not bother trying to progress further, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

He was the first Overwatch player to hit the 4,000, 5,000, and now 10,000 marks, so it won’t be too long before he has his target firmly locked on 15,000 and even 20,000.