Overwatch Streamer Accuses Teammates of Homophobia After Being Muted due to his Voice

by Vincent Genova


Alex ‘m60’ Teixiera was playing Overwatch when his teammates started to question the sound of his voice.

When m60 pushed back on what they meant by the sound of his voice, revealing he was gay, he was muted.


The clip starts of with a voice that can be heard saying “why don’t you both shut up,” implying there was an argument going on for some time.

m60 does have a reputation of being confrontational while streaming, though it appears he was being unfairly targeted for his sexuality.

Teammate: Dude, why do you sound like that?

M60: Like what?

Teammate: uh, you know.

A second teammate chimed in, telling the player to mute m60.


The teammate who questioned the sound of m60’s voice then muted him, while the other teammate claimed he had m60 muted for awhile.

Both players then went into the settings to place m60 into the avoid list.


After the incident at least one teammate did not mute, since he could be heard responding to what m60 was saying, even laughing at one point.

m60: So I’m not allowed to play because you guys hate gays, right?

Teammate: (laughter)


The VOD containing the incident currently has a ‘5000: Content Not Available’ error on Twitch. 

m60 streamed the day after the incident with the title ‘I was a victim of a hate crime,’ though that VOD is also currently hit with a 5000 error.