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Overwatch streamer accurately predicts the enemy team’s plan

Published: 20/Dec/2018 20:21 Updated: 20/Dec/2018 20:31

by Bill Cooney


The first fight can often help determine the outcome of an Overwatch match, so it really helps if you can predict exactly what the enemy team is going to do to start the match, which is what Overwatch pro Ivo ‘Linepro’ Kolev was able to do.

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Linepro played support for the 2016 and 2018 Spanish Overwatch World Cup teams and has proved he’s a pretty dangerous Lucio.

LiJiang Tower’s Garden stage is one of the maps where Lucio can roll out to the point in just a few seconds, and Linepro uses this and his seemingly psychic abilities to give his team a huge advantage.


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Just before the match begins, Linepro predicts that the enemy team is going to run a Symmetra and use a teleporter to get on the point quickly.

He tells his team his plan to go and boop the enemy team off, before heading out and discovering he had exactly predicted what the enemy team was doing.

A quick boop later and both enemy tanks are down, followed quickly by the Ana and from there it’s just cleanup for Linepro’s team.

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“500 IQ predict, I told you,” Linepro told his teammates after his first massive Lucio boop.


Getting a big play like that can swing the momentum of an Overwatch match greatly in one team’s favor, and boops like that just feel great, especially when they’re predicted like Linepro’s.