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Overwatch players discover strange bug with Junkrat’s Steel Trap

Published: 11/Mar/2019 15:48 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 16:14

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch players have discovered an apparent bug with Junkrat’s Steel Trap ability – as enemies are able to escape earlier than they should be able too.

Getting trapped by Junkrat’s Steel Trap is meant to keep a player locked down for three seconds, while also dealing damage and stunning the trapped player for an additional second.

However, one player has discovered that there seems to be an issue with the length of time players are tapped for, making an extremely quick getaway from the Junkrat who had taken aim at them.

Blizzard EntertainmentJunkrat’s Steel Trap is a key part of his devastating arsenal.

In a video posted to the Overwatch subreddit, user terppa112 showed off just how they were able to escape the trap with relative ease while playing as Lucio.

After the ‘TRAPPED’ text prompt appeared on screen, the Lucio had the ability to wall run within moments instead of being locked in place – even though a visual bug appeared to show the Trap being attached to the player.

How did i wallrun with trap on my leg from r/Overwatch

It’s not quite clear if this is a known bug to Blizzard, but terppa112 stated that it happened in a normal game server and not the Public Test Realm – where glitches and bug are common as they haven’t been released to the full game.

While terppa112 appeared to be surprised, some fans suggested that it is quite common to encounter. “I am a Lucio main and this actually happens quite often. I just hoped nobody would ever realize,” replied one user. 

It remains to be seen if the issue becomes widespread enough that Blizzard are forced into making a change. 


Overwatch Genji voice actor adds fuel to Overwatch 2 delay rumors

Published: 28/Jan/2021 3:42

by Brad Norton


Rumors of an Overwatch 2 delay could have some merit to them as Genji’s Korean voice actor Gaku Space has reportedly not even begun work on the highly anticipated sequel.

Overwatch 2 was revealed in 2019 and ever since, Blizzard has remained completely silent on the matter. No further information has come to light since the initial demonstration but that hasn’t stopped the community from speculating.

Recent reports have suggested that the game has been delayed internally, with a 2021 release no longer in the cards. New job listings also point towards the sequel being much further off than fans were expecting.

Adding further fuel to the fire, the voice behind Korea’s Genji has chimed in on the speculation. Despite being one of the first six revamped characters on display for Overwatch 2, the voice actor has allegedly “not started recording” new dialogue.

“Yeah I’m still working on Overwatch, but I haven’t heard anything about Overwatch 2,” the voice actor said in a January 26 interview according to translations from Reddit user ‘Evenstar6132.’

While this initial statement could have just been avoiding the topic, he soon followed up to confirm that he’s had “nothing” to do with Overwatch 2 up until now.  “What’s going on Blizzard? I’m not fired am I?”

A good amount of unused recordings from earlier sessions could be in the bank for the sequel. Though this would mean no fresh dialogue has been recorded for Genji in all manner of new situations.

Voice lines won’t be readily available for Genji interacting with new heroes, playing new modes, or visiting new locations. Let alone the lengthier sections from the upcoming campaign as well.

Without any of these lines in place, it reaffirms the speculation behind an Overwatch 2 delay. We could still be quite far off from the game’s full release. In fact, Naeri claims the title “will be released at the end of 2021” at the absolute earliest.

Blizzcon 2021 is set to kick off on February 19, with fans hoping to see new updates on Overwatch 2.

We’ll have to wait and see what the developers have in store, but without voice recording finalized across multiple regions, it’s safe to assume a release date won’t be closeby.